Kettering Borough Council's Planning Officer recommends approval for Burton Wold Wind Farm South

Kettering Borough Council has given an Officers Recommendation for Approval for the Burton Wold Wind Farm South planning application. The planning application for the 5 turbine scheme to the south of the existing Burton Wold WInd Farm has now received a report which states that the planning application is recommended for approval when it is determined on Tuesday 27th March 2012, subject to relevant planning conditions.

The Report states that “there is very strong Development Plan policy support in favour of the proposed development. (..) Recommended planning conditions mitigate any negative impacts to minimal and acceptable levels and so there are no material considerations which by themselves or when considered cumulatively outweigh the statutory presumption in favour of approving the application.”

The planning application will be determined next week Tuesday at Kettering Borough Council, Council Chambers, Municipal Offices, Bowling Green Road, Kettering at 7.00pm.

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