Limekiln Wind Farm consultation website launched

Infinergy Ltd is proposing to construct and operate an onshore wind farm known as Limekiln Wind Farm. The site is located around 1.5km south of Reay, Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland. The land is currently used as a commercial woodland plantation and is approximately 11km2.

The proposal is still at an early stage in its design but a 30-50 turbine scheme is anticipated with the potential to produce enough green electricity to meet the annual demand of around 50,000 households per year.

Infinergy has completed the scoping stage of the development and submitted the report to the Scottish Government and all relevant consultees. The full Scoping Report can be found in the downloads section of the website.

The full application, which will include an Environmental Impact Assessment, will be submitted to the Scottish Government later this year following public consultation, providing local residents and businesses the opportunity to have their say on the proposed development.

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