Appeal Alaska Wind Farm now lodged

The appeal against Purbeck District Council’s decision to refuse Alaska Wind Farm at Master's Quarry in East Stoke, Dorset, has now been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate.

The Council had resolved to approve the application for four wind turbines at Master’s Quarry subject to appropriate conditions. Despite a thorough preparation process by their own planners and our assurance that the stringent requirements of all 40 conditions could be met, Purbeck’s Councillors wavered and eventually refused planning permission. A huge disappointment to us and the many Purbeck residents who support the plans, but now we have taken the next step and formally lodged an appeal.

Project Director Herb Lindlahr said: “Alaska Wind Farm is located in on a brownfield site, outside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and outside any other environmental constraints. It had no objections from any statutory consultees and a tremendous amount of support from Purbeck residents who wish to do their bit against climate change and energy poverty. It is a fantastic project and would make a huge contribution to renewable energy generation in Dorset, where less than 1% currently comes from renewables. Unfortunately now all parties including the planning authority will have to spend a lot of money on legal costs which could have been avoided and gone to better causes.”

Herb continued: “We are taking this project to the Planning Inspector because we feel that it deserves a decision based on objective planning considerations and not on emotive, unsubstantiated issues.”

It is expected that the appeal hearings will take place early 2012, hopefully February or March.

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