Ferndale Wind Farm turbines deliver first electricity to the local grid

The first four turbines of Ferndale Wind Farm in the Rhondda Valleys have started to produce electricity.

Infinergy’s Project Manager Chris Gould said: “This week we have reached the point of first electricity production, which is an important milestone. The first four turbines are now in their 240-hour trial run. If we are happy with their operation, we can proceed to get them fully commissioned. At the moment, things are looking really good so we expect to have them all commissioned in June, in accordance with our time schedule.”

The wind turbine model used is the Enercon E-48. The turbines have a generating capacity of 800 kW (kilowatts) each, with a maximum hub height of 50m and a maximum tip height of 74m when the tip of the blade is in a vertical position.

All eight wind turbines are now up and the trial run of the last four will start shortly. When commissioning has finished, the wind farm will have the capacity to provide green electricity to meet the annual demand of up to 3,500 households every year*.

* This calculation takes the variable output of wind turbines throughout the year into consideration and is considered industry standard. Source: Renewable UK.

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