Purbeck District Council officers put forward professional planning conditions for Alaska Wind Farm

Infinergy is determined to meet the draft planning conditions for Alaska Wind Farm. After a meeting with Purbeck planners to discuss the conditions, Infinergy’s Project Director Herbert Lindlahr said: “Purbeck District Council have put together a challenging set of conditions and we will have to work hard to meet all criteria. However, we are encouraged by the fact that the proposed conditions are balanced and enforceable. As a responsible developer we are determined to meet all of them following industry best practice.”

Herbert continued: “It is common in the wind industry to have numerous planning conditions attached to the planning consent for a wind farm. Purbeck planners have done a very professional job and propose around 30 conditions. Some conditions are similar to what we have dealt with before because they come with any wind farm of this scale. A large number of conditions are specific for the Alaska site and, should the Planning Board approve, we will comply with them. We do believe that we can meet the requirements and they will keep us up to the mark.”

The draft conditions have now been released to consultees. Councillors on PDC’s Planning Board are expected to make a decision on whether they are happy with the conditions at their March meeting. If Purbeck Councillors approve the conditions, Alaska Wind Farm will be the first significant wind farm in Dorset providing clean, green and safe electricity.

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