Castle Pill turbines have their generators replaced

In January 2011 one of the wind turbines of Castle Pill Wind Farm near Milford Haven will have its generator replaced. According to the owner and operator Infinergy, the generator had not been achieving to its best ability and there are better generators available now that will increase expected outputs. The new generator should be in place within two working days.

A spokesman for the company said: “Over the last couple of weeks we have been dissatisfied with the performance of the generator in the southern turbine, aptly named ‘Spinny’ by local school children. Replacing the generator will not only bring the performance back up to the desired level but even exceed it as the new generator will have an improved design and will therefore generate more renewable electricity than the existing one.”

The generator is located at the hub of the turbine. In order to have it replaced, the rotor (turbine blades and hub) will have to be temporarily removed. Both the cranes and generator will be transported to site within the next couple of days.

The spokesman continued: “After the replacement we expect to have Spinny back in operation in two days time. The remaining two turbines will also benefit from improved generators at various stages in 2011.”

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