Positive response at Community Open Days for Burton Wold South and Vectis Wind Farms

Last week we've held 2 sets of Open Days: the first set for our Northamptonshire project Burton Wold WInd Farm South and the second for Vectis Wind Farm on the Isle of Wight.

Both exhibitions had positive results in terms of questionnaire responses; Burton Wold South was supported by 81% of local people filling in a questionnaire and there was support for Vectis too, getting approval from 56% of attendees. The residents near Burton Wold South already know what it is like to have a wind farm nearby as they have been living with the 10 turbine Burton Wold Wind Farm since 2006. For the residents near Vectis we will organise a wind farm bus trip so they have the opportunity to experience a wind farm for themselves.

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