Infinergy works closely with other developers to develop unique wind farm cluster in Highlands

Wind energy companies Infinergy, Eneco and E.ON have pledged to work closely together to ensure that more renewable power can be generated in the Highlands without compromising the area’s natural beauty and ecology.

The partnership pledge was announced as Infinergy unveiled plans to extend the already consented 17-turbine wind farm project at the Lochluichart Estate. It was also announced that the consented 17 turbine wind farm will be constructed and operated by Eneco, a leading Dutch utility that has strong green credentials having developed several wind farms in the Netherlands.

When E.ON’s neighbouring Corriemoillie wind farm proposal on the Corriemoillie Estate is included, the wind farm cluster could comprise over 45 turbines, set in a single location and could be capable of generating green electricity for at least 70,000 households every year. The cluster would also at least save between 122,000 and 288,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas CO2 annually that would otherwise be emitted by conventional fossil fuel power generation.

Infinergy’s Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar explained: “The prospect of generating significant amounts of renewable electricity from one single area offers really unique advantages.”

“The wind farm cluster will have a much lower visual impact than that of a number of separate wind farms that might be sited more widely across the area. The wind farm cluster will look integrated which is the most preferable option for the area.”

The consolidated wind farm cluster will make an important contribution to the renewable energy targets that have been set by Highland Council and the Scottish Government as part of policy to ensure greater diversity and security of electricity supplies.

It is expected that the wind farm cluster will give a valuable boost to the local economy. Esbjorn Wilmar said: “Businesses will be able to tap in to the many opportunities that the proposal will bring to Garve and villages in the area and there will be job opportunities too. We have a chance to make a real difference by working together and with the community.”

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