School neighbouring Alaska Wind Farm have a lesson in wind power and climate change

Local children from Bovington Middle School near Wareham discussed the issues of climate change with wind farm developers Infinergy last week.

The children from year 5 looked at the wider climate change debate and how global warming is affecting their lives, whilst looking to understand how electricity is made and what they can all do to reduce their energy consumption.

Marlies Koutstaal, Communications Manager from Infinergy commented, “The children were all very knowledgeable about climate change and we took the opportunity to discuss the wider climate change issue and our Alaska Wind Farm proposal next door. We looked into how we can all do our bit to help.”

She continued” The children asked some very intelligent questions and they were particularly interested in understanding more about the Alaska Wind Farm proposal. A local project such as this wind farm development allows children to discuss issues that they can easily identify with and hopefully it gave them a clearer insight into the reasons why an alternative energy source is needed right now.”

Tim Maley, one of the Year 5 teachers from Bovington Middle School, who helped organise the talk, added, “With the Alaska Wind Farm proposal so close to our school, we wanted to take the opportunity for the children to discuss climate change and the role wind power has to play in combating it. The information Infinergy discussed complimented the children’s’ existing knowledge and we all found it very interesting.”

After the discussion, the children went back to their classrooms and had great fun building their own model wind turbines.

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