Infinergy powers Wimborne's Christmas lights with wind energy

This year, Wimborne’s Christmas lights will be powered by wind energy. Infinergy is based in Wimborne and has sponsored the town's Christmas lights. The company has committed to offsetting the electricity used for the lights with power produced at the operational Castle Pill Wind Farm in Wales.

Esbjorn Wilmar, Managing Director of Infinergy, said: “The Christmas lights will only use a fraction of the renewable electricity produced by our wind farm. The four mid-range wind turbines we operate in Wales have the capacity to meet the electricity demands of up to 1700 households every year*.”

Mr Wilmar continued: “We have been based in Wimborne for several years and enjoy being part of the local business community. This year we wanted to make a special contribution to the town and its residents. As a wind farm developer we are passionate about producing wind electricity in order to preserve the planet for future generations. Sponsoring Wimborne’s Christmas lights with green electricity seemed just the right thing for us to do.”

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