Infinergy team gives renewable energy lesson to Hubberston Primary School, Milford Haven

Local children from Hubberston Primary School in Milford Haven discussed the issues of climate change with wind farm developers Infinergy last week.

30 children aged 7 – 9 looked at the wider climate change debate and how global warming is affecting their lives, whilst looking to understand how electricity is made and what they can all do to reduce their energy consumption.

Lorraine Dallmeier from Infinergy commented, “The children were all very knowledgeable about climate change. We had the opportunity to discuss the wider climate change issue and the part renewable energy has to play in combating it. We looked into how we can all do our bit to help. Hopefully it gave the pupils a clearer insight into the reasons why we need alternative energy sources right now.”

The lesson comprised a presentation by Infinergy and several creative activities such as drawing a poster and building a solar powered wind turbine model.

Cheryl McNally, a teacher from Hubberston Primary School who helped organise the lesson said, “We asked Infinergy to do this lesson because we feel it is very important for children to understand climate change and the need for renewable energy. The information Infinergy provided complimented the children’s existing knowledge and we all found it very interesting.”

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