Infinergy sponsors community heritage projects near Wear Point Wind Farm site

Wind developers Infinergy have sponsored two heritage projects of the Neyland Cultural Purposes Fund Committee, a community group aiming to preserve the history of Neyland and Llanstadwell and neighbouring communities like Burton, Hook, Llangwm and Johnston. Infinergy contributed towards the costs of two projects: a talk titled Remembering the Neyland-Hobbs Point Ferry Boats 1858-1975 and a publication/outreach sessions known as Neyland Reminiscences Project.

Mr Simon Hancock, Chairman of Neyland Cultural Purposes Fund Committee said: "We are really grateful for the generous support of Infinergy for two community heritage projects which seek to capture and communicate the fascinating social history of the Neyland Ferry Boats and the Reminiscences Project. The latter is one of the great untapped sources of eyewitness history by a man well acquainted with the county during 1870-1940."

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