Infinergy committed to maximising potential of consented Tom nan Clach wind farm site

Planning application for repowering of Tom nan Clach Wind Farm submitted

Renewable energy company Infinergy on behalf of Nanclach Limited, has submitted a fresh planning application for a repowering of its Tom nan Clach Wind Farm on Cawdor Estate, for which it gained consent in July 2013. This new proposal will utilise recent technology gains to help increase the renewable energy output from the site by 26% whilst reducing the number of turbines from 17 to 13.

Tom nan Clach Wind Farm currently has consent for 17 turbines, each with an installed capacity of 2.3MW, but a grid connection date of 2018. Wind turbine technology and design principles have evolved and improved a great deal in the last three years and so, given the time available between consent and connection to the grid, the site has been the subject of further research and environmental studies. This has enabled a redesign with 4 fewer turbines that, with an increase in tip height of 15m, will deliver substantially more renewable energy. An Application for the 13 turbine repowering, with a total combined capacity of 39 MW, has now been submitted as a Major Development Application to The Highland Council.

Esbjorn Wilmar, Managing Director of Infinergy commented: “This redesign provides an opportunity to increase the renewable electricity generated on the site. Compared to the Consented Scheme, the candidate turbine importantly increases the predicted energy produced by the wind farm by approximately 26%. This will allow for another 19,745 homes to be supplied by renewable electricity and an approximate additional saving of 15007 tonnes of CO2e per annum over the 25 year lifetime of the development”.

Mr Wilmar added: “Maximising output from the site will make an important contribution to the renewable energy targets that have been set by the Scottish Government as part of policy to ensure greater diversity and security of electricity supplies as well as providing an industry leading £5000 per megawatt to the surrounding communities, investing nearly £200,000 pounds per year for the life of the development”.

Earlier this year, following the first allocation round of Contracts for Difference in the UK, Infinergy secured a contract for the consented Tom nan Clach Wind Farm, providing the company with the necessary security to build out the development, either under its current consented plans or the revised proposals.

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