Second round of public consultation for redesigned Dorenell Wind Farm

Infinergy alongside partners, Glenfiddich Estate, is about to embark on a second round of public consultation for a redesign of its Dorenell Wind Farm, for which it gained consent in December 2011. This new proposal would help to maximise power output on site.

Dorenell Wind Farm currently has consent for 59 turbines with an installed capacity of 3MW each. Since consent was confirmed, the site has been the subject of further site research and environmental studies. A planning application for an upgrade, termed an ‘extension’ by the Scottish Government, will look to increase the capacity of the wind farm, maximising the potential output within the existing footprint. With a grid connection date not until 2018, the extension application - if consented - will not delay the construction of the already consented wind farm and will maximise the potential of the site.

Esbjorn Wilmar, Managing Director of Infinergy commented: “This redesign provides an opportunity to increase the renewable power generated on the site. Technology has moved on considerably since the original application was submitted and there are now turbines on the market which will make much better use of the outstanding wind speeds without compromising the area’s natural beauty and ecology.”

Mr Wilmar added: “Having worked closely with the community in the Cabrach and surrounding areas during the original Dorenell Wind Farm proposal, we have built strong relationships and found that there is a great deal of awareness and understanding of both our company and wind farm development in general, which is extremely helpful.”

“Maximising output from the site will make an important contribution to the renewable energy targets that have been set by the Scottish Government as part of policy to ensure greater diversity and security of electricity supplies as well as providing an industry leading £5000 per additional megawatt to the surrounding communities on top of the already extensive community benefits in place.”

Infinergy will hold public consultation events in both the Cabrach and Dufftown this month with open days to be held at the Grouse Inn, Lower Cabrach on Tuesday 17th June from 2-7pm and at the Mortlach Memorial Hall from 2-7pm on Thursday the 19th June. The company expects to submit a new application to the Scottish Government following this consultation process in October.

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