Appeal Court judges dismiss case against Alaska Wind Farm

In the clearest possible terms, three judges of the Appeal Court have ended the objectorís claim that consent for Alaska Wind Farm in Purbeck, Dorset had been incorrectly granted by the Planning Inspectorate. At a hearing in London, the judges arrived at their unanimous decision that the Planning Inspector had been correct in determining and granting Alaska Wind Farmís appeal.

In response to the ruling, landowner and co-owner Will Bond commented: "Too much time and taxpayerís money have already been wasted on this challenge. Of course you cannot please all of the people all of the time, and there will always be some who don't agree, but the clear majority of Purbeck people supported the application, and are still keen to see the wind farm built and generating clean energy. This ruling marks the end of the line for the objectors, and I am pleased we can now turn our attention to doing something positive for the environment."

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