Infinergy cleans Chesil Beach in Weymouth, Dorset

A wind of change blew over Chesil Beach near Weymouth as the Infinergy team turned out in force to stage one of the biggest beach cleans seen this year. The Infinergy team filled an impressive 25 bin liners of rubbish off the protected pebble beach within just a couple of hours.

The Fine Foundation Chesil Beach Centre cafe accommodated the needs of Infinergy staff members with delicious food and refreshing drinks. Furthermore, an insightful talk on the impact of litter and the environment was provided by Megan Lowe of the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Managing Director Esbjorn Wilmar said: “Caring for the environment is something we do every day by developing renewable energy projects throughout the UK. Our team wanted to do something more by making a direct contribution towards a clean, green and safe environment in Dorset. Cleaning the beach here today was right up our street, it has been very rewarding to get rid of all that rubbish and see the instant result of our efforts. We recommend it to everyone and especially as an environmental day out for other Dorset based companies!”

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