Infinergy lodges appeal for Vectis Wind Farm on the Isle of Wight

In July last year, Planning Committee members of Isle of Wight Council refused planning permission for Vectis Wind Farm, a five-turbine wind energy development located on arable land south of Wellow and Thorley on the West Wight.

Esbjorn Wilmar, Managing Director of Infinergy said: “We have studied the proposed site in detail over a number of years and have demonstrated that it is one of the best locations for a wind farm on the Isle of Wight and one which deserves to be approved. Our site sits outside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and other environmental designations. Although less vocal, there are a lot of Island residents who support the project and would be happy to see it go ahead.”

Mr Wilmar continued: “The Isle of Wight has set ambitious targets in their newly adopted Island Plan, it has a viable but unharnessed wind resource and the resolve to become an energy self-sufficient Eco Island. Unfortunately the reality is far from this, and if Eco Island is to be realised, wind farms such as Vectis are urgently needed. But whether or not Vectis Wind Farm is to make a significant contribution to these goals is of course up to the Planning Inspector."

Mr Wilmar concluded: "We are confident that an examination of the facts about this project, at public inquiry, will conclude that it is a well-designed scheme that will help the island meet its renewable energy targets and should, on balance, be allowed to proceed.”

The appeal against Isle of Wight Council’s decision has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate who will announce a date and venue for the public inquiry in due course.

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