Facts and Figures - Wind energy

  • Wind is one of the most cost-effective, technologically advanced and fastest growing renewable energy source in the UK. Source: Sustainable Development Commission  
  • A standard turbine of 2 MW will save up 5,400 tonnes of CO2 each year. Source: Embrace wind 
  • There are currently over 1100 grid-connected turbines installed in the UK producing over 767 megawatts of electricity, meeting the needs of nearly half a million households each year, enough for every home in Norfolk. Source: BWEA
  • In the last 20 years, the power production of wind turbines has increased by a factor of 100, while the costs of generating electricity from the wind has fallen by 80%. Wind energy is now as cheap as conventional fossil fuel generation. Source: BWEA
  • One third of the world’s electricity can be supplied by wind. The global market for wind power has been expanding faster than any other source of renewable energy. From just 4,800 MW in 1995 the world total has multiplied more than twelve-fold to reach over 59,000 MW at the end of 2005. Source: Greenpeace
  • In 2010, the World Wind Energy Association anticipates production rising to 120,000 MW. This is equivalent to 240 coal fired power stations. Source: WWEA