Development - Planning

Building a renewable energy project requires planning permission. In order to obtain permission, the planning application needs to take into account the requirements of relevant national and local planning policies. To do so, we follow a planning process that consists of two major components:

We proactively seek the involvement of local communities and statutory consultees in our projects. They are asked to comment on the wind farm proposal.

Local communities often possess vital and detailed information about the site. As part of our efforts to consult with them, we have invested in dedicated project consultation websites.

Typical statutory consultees are:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
This is a comprehensive survey for large-scale projects in the UK, carried out by experts in the fields of ecology, visual impact on the landscape, noise, aviation, archaeology, transportation and construction. They study the current situation at the site and establish how the proposed project could affect the environment. Then they assess whether resulting changes in conditions are deemed acceptable. All results are reported to the local planning authority, and to the public during community exhibitions.